Tuesday 30 January 2024

" if there is...


no question

but no one knows what or why it is, never mind can see or second sightguess it

And ... if i had someone around the last few weeks, even she would have to get of her  high horse  and accept...

"ehh ok... about ten little ' divine coincidences' a day... even Londonarrogantiste, I ... have to admit ehh.. that's s funky little line of ' second sight' you got there .. that one [ 0810 Today, filmed even]  well we can ot argue with that!"

" well i would like to  read through all your layers of tangy  rather sour 'onion layers' but i cannot read your mind ... but dont e even THINK for a second...  of trying to make any money from 'it' ..or faking another thousand Fakebook 'friends'  posting it .. thsts the deal i do know.. it must never be gained from  in fact one should NOT  share ' proof' of it with ANYone ..unless thyre defo towards end of life or ... my helpmeet-wife.. cos... if  a truly self contained i-need-nooneist, especially some fuckin fairy sat on my shoulder helping out .. only ever ref my fingers,  as me,  can be given this  gift of knowing i am never tangoing 'alone'.. in reality

any cunt can .. but it is so much more real knowing no one ever ever helped me  or propheted from..

even itzy witzy  bitzy 

guruing  me 

i dont Be leave a word from any " human" gob

never have

except there may 

Be 'something'

ohh i wish you could cos i am not ... sweet enough to eveen influence one lost lamb,  one day... never mind anyone else