Thursday 4 January 2024



I have no idea how Substack ( audio section) works or measures traffic or ' downloads' or whatever. Or what the 'stats' mean.

I know it 'works' ... rarely crashes, doesnt have adverts, yet, i guess...

Doesnt seem to let hackers in to trick you via email, being i sometimes drift off to sleep  listening to the girls ... errata grown women who still pretend they are girls, of aspecialplaceinhell  substack broadcast... interesting insight into US suposed intelligencia and higher end journalism and writing....

yes one is spammed meaning marketing each episode emails but they are easily identifiable ..we all ignore

But the context of my  jottings and video waffle really is totally incomplete without listening to the audio sections in the substack

groovy memoir

One thing was left.. to not say... but on such a splendid mood catching up on walking ...  time to say it all... i have

In last audio  at predawn this morn

Except this must be   written ith context.

Only one woman told me, shetoo... can do that in her head.

Whilst interesting, i dont really know what our perhaps rare mental ability is for...