Thursday 4 January 2024



This tan ( atchin)

The best of all

Facing aside the wind.

The wind lastereve strong enough to remind  sometimes there will be wind. 


And when it settles down

" strangely we settle down"

And you have that whole great big nothing a thousand miles afront.

And her beind.

Well, in truth 

Or is it really being unfaithful?

She said she could do it, too

So let us start at the beginning.

This time the gaps need filling in

 all the way. Including....

( " i can make love in my head,  too.. if the real thing")

brackets as, well that is the only question: hearing a speaker yesteraft " all... drama.. pretend connection over some pretence or other, is only... one word... sex"  but sex in writing audio or film or conversation is... boring. A non subject.  The great paradox.

I think  it is in fact about what happens after mental "bedroom vudu" ( not mine, i credit even bad mannered fakes - as usual charlatan 'healers' and saleswomen of

 ' feminine' ripoff workshopping) rucking,  and infidelity..

...... add in recording.. . newphase... frank and all the rest of the way now

( nuke time: boats, all seaside bullshit  and.... to Be, con tinued.. i think in fact 22 Feb is the very last day)