Wednesday 24 January 2024

Full Moon... yes, and NO

much better full moon vids taken a month ago to find


audio on full moon

please STOP this hocus pocud shamanic pagan   or whatever is current on trend label.. word

bullshit overclaiming ethereal this and that for full moon

I have lived in wilds where full moon transforms daily REAL survival or at least in winter makes a huge it has millions of years

three years, winters, in totally no facilities camp... full moon in winter was a real lifesaver ( living in full grief on the edge, no funds, daily life sometimes orecarious ... i found the REAL importance of full moon...all modern shamanistic copycating is decadent claptrap... ) 

this infantile   sad modern WRONG trendy

 " full moon is so special" is false virtue signalling only and vopying the shabbiest of minds...i knew many of them as they invaded rural marches ... and even made the mistake of bedding a few....  they were just as useless in the sac  at full moon as on  any other moon night.. bonkers self obsessed and lost lambs... 

15 minute waffle