Wednesday 24 January 2024

" simple life" tales, the error...

 paradox dichotomy ... just being ordinary lonely lost  " human" and trying to do something to please when, in fact ... 

I know why i couldnt quite Be lieve in those tales even if i am world expert... at simplest  mode ( having even im 20s lived at times in Carlton Cannes hotel with one wonky bossman...nope wouldnt go back there even if she demanded!.. this life is life, that one never was... and please note i have no safety net ever.... fiscal i references [ not after she listens to the final vid here the ex fake friend farmer...] no nothing... real on the edge life ) 

NOT to be looked at unless you specifically  ased for tales of simple life

meanwhile you would have tjought it simple to give away a library...loafs of books young good minds would benefit from here but even she didnt  answer her flippin digitals

( the STORY of  roaming far and wide ...collecting  many of these  from 2015 a story in iteslf as good as Ove ! .. pr Quixote  in fact is very Intouchables....i dont  lie about good stories)

anyway time to deal with this
 and my conceit
in taking it so to heart, like a wonky wheelbarrow pusher thinking he must save the rotting wood within at any cost if thsts what she needs.... nope

I mean it

these are for No one else....but her.

( but not quite finished yet anyway ..

 more to DO)

full moon  next
( its part of the above!)

but... i have to point the finger for real, once

i dont care what anyone thinks of me
but i do
becsuse one day one descendent may need to think really what her  lost dad was

more names, soon... in the can already