Monday 1 January 2024

" how do you feel bodily, about the INjustice"


... Even if this constant phase the last few weeks of waking at 4am I have to gently  now move out of to the more sociable 6am .. 

Even if 'happiness' and

 ' bodily' justice 

no matter what anyone else may hiss, is having a jolly good nap at lunchtime, if one has awoken too early, and a quiet mind dozes off easily

And two-morning days - a 5am, and a 2pm reawakening 

 And part 2 just as fresh 'new dawn' as part 1, are the best days, never mind symbolise the bastards didnt grind you down

Even if i don't believe there are ' bastards'

Just " humans" in a mess as they havent settled down and done the real 'work' yet...

As so superbly  shown in this rather gorgeous 4am program... at last a GOOD woman journalist !! no ferkin fluff and pretend niceness... hard hitting ish.... no fake cooing

The day after the one public individual man changed my life.....more than any.. 


" women" lawyers saving lives 

( but why oh why 'women'... we knew 40 years ago wo/man in modern western society are exactly the same... people are just people and the same under the skin...capable of the same ...

 the poor man his skin whipped as a kid....goes wonky... and eventually someone helps him learn to read)

and superb on " battle allies" ..makes you allirs for life

The man who's books i read

Age 25ish

" fuck.....WHY BRITAIN SHOULD BE IN THE HAGUE... and, no way... no way ever

 ......I could never do the simply astonishing powerful work he did in all his big real books...cross referring all his sources and arguments... true scholarship... joining dots...its 'overwhelming' ... [dear Serb].... what a real man managed to do  " 

i felt small crushed the presence of a real busy bee working for good from his first book....

No stupid conspiracy theories,  no dumbed down Michael Moore call to flabby arms, via self pity 

Real journalism... truly hard work

that died 31 Dec 2023

They dont tell you though... amazing how over the years, especially facing a little humorous  injustice  from sad lost 'women'  ...  your mind sharpens.. your ability to hold in your head all those dots.... over decades... 

to weave into a whole

yes it may change

the mind

mine has

i am so glad mine did.. makes getting on a bit nothing but joy and interesting

especially as nowadays one only ever meets chameleons...  butterfly brain users..  

so dull all THAT  kind of " change"...

means you never knew who you were,  so you cannot know who to Be...