Sunday 31 December 2023


 even if 

( 3 months last year!...- 5 or even heater hahh hahhh i wish i was back in one respect ... it means 10 hrs sleep... stay alive and replenish into better life, the spring.... we are meant to hibernate a bit in the winter rea ones.... i knew in my first 3 years of  weeks at a timr of -20 winters a small space... )

even if at last a true bodily flow dancy zen film made

of simple life
 means : all cut back to put the body into the only one small job, necessary... and thus get that dance  perfect, to simplest flow all ship that small dull job seems like a flurry of  something serenely forever..... just right

maybe not up til tomorrow

errata ....well... hmmmm

" no good  [ pictoral artists Pastylandshire.... "

thing is... the amount of times i advised the artist just how good....

but then 7 or 8 years ago i knew ALL pictorial artists frankly cannot ever be human

as the chronicle painfully proves timecafter time

And the conversation on... saving her....  ... Helford shittypoocreek on  last ever eco duty...   July, 

me and this one.... sadly is the greatest performance artizt  artful charmy liar...ever

she wanted to lead the quest.... the battle!




ultra smiley at great length judt her and i " for my kids sakes"

but her other pics are even better

and i love it she doesnt  prettify: warts and all...

i have no home

but know what the fuck
I am

and i love it that i gave her/ them..." even...the chair" it was the right thing to do...

 t'was saved for

 some years.... for

guess whom...


not even a daughter

a mate,  even post men or pausal..or wonky as hell .... is 

( "well get one if you care abput yourself...anyone". [cos single youre a mess... and no one should be in one..edpecially you..]. how more simple can an unsaid statement in a gift Be for gods sake)

the universe