Tuesday 30 January 2024

 and i aint daft, i wouldnt even hint of a ( CIC the latest trend) " community" leader got so much government grant dosh  .. for new tie dies...and nice grub

using his " community" payback slaves,  ( i bet he got paid to community train)  for personal gain... 

 unless i had plenty of hard evidence in the form of film and audio

even then 

except the silver linings  ..are all its ever about ( as Kushner alone demonstrated in by far the greatest book  thus century Mars Room) 

i also have film of the fabulous ultra nutritious  homecooked meals ...  handmade by his other slaves ( he wouldnt alow to claim working tax credit... i advised rhem legal certain entitlement... despite working full time for him for a year at about 50 quid a week thats modern day slavery, too) 

and then... her snd i  .  the  super Spaniard sat hand in hand under his  bullshit ....willow arches 

she bought me

back to

" human" 


a truly wonderful

lifechanging in a lositive way


i would never have met 

were it not for


Muzzz dodgy  Hedgebabe

( 'Groundhog Day'  is a luv story! even if never applied to me ..)

 there is always a silver lining


i got 5 volumes of the best ever

silly me thinking any British woman ( men no longer reading real lit) woulld ' get' it... they all just want to performative, moan

my only ... quandary

whether or not i would have an audience

but itoo


thats not 

uo to me

good,  summer near here

 i wont have to bother 

for another year

i dont do screens in summer

except to make sure all is always safely well backed up...