Thursday 25 January 2024

i dont want to spoil

this mess, merely a tribute to one.... who said some real things...

by this shit

videos ( criminals named ) on new sidepage 

many more photos to add in

and far more poignant too...

( ten years ive been at this but i want to make it arty

thing is...

page, above


long ago... years ago

years of situations found myself in always in purest ' good faith'... ref environment or for example community housing attempts ( creating more)  so many times as i dual purposed " well i will at keast jeep a recorded chronicle ...when it fails at least i have some secondary  useful purpose...inform educate, ref truth" 

i would also say to myself the whole lookinglass mess is an opera... should Be !!

tragic farce

no not a tango.... tango is lame and in fact far too theoretical and mere  performance .... striving i guess for harmony...... this was all  a big opera to the DEATH....

a big motherfucker Wagner, or  Paverotti bellowing out his rotting lungs as dying cry...

( especially for example ref the JUSTICE those murdered brocks ...  deserve )

and should Be one...i long ago knew

maybe one day

but thats what i really sought collaboration on... none of these self proclaimed arty lot EVER have the creative imagination ever to even ponder...

Trish... ( Mrs Brockocide, Mr will be dead soon or a cabbage)


some better version of.... she does afterall go to 

Glasto for rich bitches

Glyndebourne.... so there should be real homely content

and actual