Thursday 25 January 2024

just in case

 ... as no ' environmentally aware' person... almost all 'gatekeepers' to the rotten gates left strewn around even National Trust theme parks, are female...

ever communicates who they are or how they really live

one assumes theyre all at it.... googling... thinking they know someone through theor absurd control device usually left visible in their pocket..signifying 'connection' (though merely lack of control) i always tucked mine away ever since the first, 30 years ago... controlling   the fact i knew they were of no good...

the recent one and her hounds... if she sneaks into here

there is only one conversation  ( i only ever name people who take public money or grab massive public attention even if just by Mother Theresa regional fakebook Queenliness.. all they ever do! ..., 

and i know  from some time obderving and knowing them, they are well evidenced scammers, which in uk means all of them, always... i have only ever once slightly  artistically adapted one conversation... 

poetically woven in here

that one

i know that one wasnt quite as i riffed... because i did feel "warm"...

likely another Miss Take i made

All others always are nearly verbatim and certainly verbatim as in what was clearly meant even if in nuance between the lines

i cannot lie or make things up...  someone would LOVE to trip me up and... rehedgehog me

which is wonderful, true ACTUAL zen... to know one must always speak 100% accurately...or else