Saturday 20 January 2024

I wish i wasn't so bleedin' Blinde (acute)

 then i wouldn't have to see...them.... at their sportif park.

I mean the one he got out of his Golf - they all must have hipster boho Golfs

Now i realise just how common the fat mong was....

But the one this morn actually had a pram set up next where

(you have to read to the rhythm.... new socketplace, does however require some drowning out of their moaning.... i can assure about the 5th best loud thing in musical history.)  

Anyway back to him.

God almighty the total military efficiency 

The performative everything to every smallest maneuver

his pee brain KNOWS he must perform just to keep izz legs doin what nacher made a far better job of doin

if he would get out of the way and just 


as he touches his fuckin toes half an hour before goin in a jog

There is no hope - they simply have no sense of laughing at themselves...


(having sadly bothered to is Blinde 


... they....started it.... 

and if i was not so 

then i wouldnt have to other clearing all this nonsense off my phone just in case 


'appens worth

capturing in my cage of no bars

(but factoid, for a fact, that moment when you are on the cusp of " nope i cannot.... just get under the covers but

you do...and within just ten minutes of walkin...on.... your bastard bodily


as it should and 

most of the time...


some of us have to live on the edge a few days ago just to stay alive