Friday 19 January 2024

The nearly perfect

  quiet place.

Just lovely " birds"

... but also silly oldies  with nothing better to do than be 

so so needy

maybe these London " birds" dont know what quiet actually is... they so rarely hear it

down here

Apart from anything else it is real  creative 'space'.

Rachel Cusk  the only good British writer this century...  a country bird

McEwan, Amis, Barnes, Rushdie, And whats the forgetable token called....? oh yes Kureshi.... 

All abysmal writers ..( compared to the moder European men of lit, Didier Laurant, Bachman... Pereira Maintains... )

Busy bullshit nothing to say Londoners one and all as good as

You need quiet to be ...real... and find something REAL to say

thems all sun coming ...UP btw....  thats how you live your full compliment of years, too....

And get dome on your skin... especially in the winter... the science now more categorical than, the science no British "bird" even knows her 'truth'  never mind nicely relates it so i could tidy away ones oersonal effects for safe keeping from the hanger on  sad vampire junkies....