Monday 1 January 2024


even if 

some years a range of accounts

to curate folk.. 

cotwo gurus 
for the greens who cannot take straight talk ( on how they failed...errata, we... meetoo i tried to find a way, but their dystopian narcissism is inpenetrable)


and then a suite of Ralphs as performance art
and free 35 gb each  for backups ( via a google drive account and a free 20gb on each account - not working this morning an hour  i am at it.. loads half a 2 gb file then crashes...and mega i found the aleays working reliable one!)

 from 9 'identities' last summer,  

all 'used up' warrioring her defences... ( whjch is so Monty Python absurdist funny,  as in if anyone had asked me a year ago  if i may bother to try and defy defences  that way i would have KNOWN " never... thats childsplay"

down to only one ... soon

ralphschism to be indexed hashtagged,  sorted out... it was only for one reason... energy... in the face of one whos energy 
is sadly wonky...but it worked for me
then just one last poetry and writing site

The casual viewer 

will assume

And this due time constraint is only half the picture.

No Western woman can listen  ever it seems 

And derp down are undermined by shit plastic arse kardashian type society

the amount of times i have shared " ONLY .. fiftysomething women are attractive, desirable... maybe even in time dependable... if they are authentic... retain it, that leads to the best backbone and brightest eyes... and is the only woman i am interested in ..[ and i know a few,  all married to their decades long helpmeet]

But as if by miracle performed by woman respecting wizzard.... i have three 40 year old sometime mentorees...  artists/writers / sceotical thinkers... spirits! who have been 'educated' .. this last year...

New entrant last few months,  a wonderful thinking Pole...

who must write her real views on this sick society ... i know she wants to...  she resists but maybe one day

she voicenote tells me them...  often.

Seems to trust me. 

And i share ALL of me

We shall see...

I hope they at least take in one thing 

"  40  something

"not for me

"Get to fifty

" plus

"Still what you are,  and stick finger up

"at fourty"

then maybe....

someone may love you for what you really



migration time.

Into hiding... up in their small hills.

They really really dont like folk around here who can think for themselves

and see through the facade... and gently share it

And even just state " for the record...i hate being MissQuoted.. my role just to freelance educate a few great younger women who..WANT to be educated...and write ...all have said so..."

nope.... dangerous

time to hide

i know it is quite a possibility

I dony know if even GREAT books ever really sink in for most nowadays... this did for me..and i know i am 'normal'

Just PLEASE be careful on you roads Dear Serb 'warrior' 

living in denial, too

many ..ok six ..mums locally

have shared with me deep deep truths the ladt half a year, of their teens and this awful land -   utterly fucked out of their heads on ketamine coke or worse.. .and i watch them get in their motors and drive off at 0 to 100km hr  in 3 secs...even on your road

A crazier 150kmh at Helston speedway  zooming up from the duckpond... and no one seems to care

That kills

 no one cares or even cares to speak that lethal truth in this dreadful theme park playground

In fact my last year dedicated to two. .

One cant take reality and sadly peddles a rather false version; the other just last week, the mum in the Lidl aisles.. smiling, friendly warm  healthy face buying her basket of fresh veg for her bloke 'n brood

" tell me... i am not sure... 

"i would cook from scratch for years for my kiddo... but the veg here seems to have the vegetable engineered out of look expert with that large trolley full of it,  what do you think?"

 5 mins later

 " i shall tell you my truth.. my lads lost to the hard drugs ....and no one, no srrvices... to help us.." 

Haunts me.

" lovely woman ... no British born ever impress me, but you do..your honesty with a stranger.... your problem just as much is...  i cannot even stand talking with 40-60 year old blokes here....suggesting that psychadelics are just another drug and will cure all via mond expansion bullshiy...they wanna stab me just saying maybe ehhh.... not........or suggesting they have a role fathering their neighbours teens with the only obvious '#1 critical lifesaving tip we have known about 10+ years: 'if you must... at least make sure you buy your drugs from a safe source... nasty incomers ... users sellers even the weed with lethal  phentenol or whatever next... death penalty if unlucky' ..nope..its the menchilds at places like Gwerk your real prob... i pity hope... especially as true real data is uk becane second highest consumer of coke per head in world...   and that stuff really does warp, eveywhere...and gateway you into all the other nasties... everywhere... as even the Christian i met down the road had discovered...age 50.. she lost to it, too.. fir some years.... mum of 3 !!...i hate it here... if you love your kids leave the uk!!!... drugs and mental health nothing like as bad rest if Europe... a fact"

she said she was thinking just that.

( and the dire education in provincial regions is just ad bad here...toxic Teletubbies on drugs, in charge...of it all:

how to think, for oneself, strip out massive number of old retirees who will not be on the roads after teatime -amortise,  the big word, at say 50% of road users, take them out of the stats or at least daytime far less carnage, this chart means that the roads from teatime are as dangerous here as Hay-on-Wye, home of useless parent luvvies, my past  region... highest in uk road deaths ..

and i have known 5 or 6 teens killed,  or lifechangingly bodily done-in-for-good in the last 10 years....  just driving on the roads in the evening in my far less busy old region... and they do' take out'  innocent other drivers as they go