Monday 1 January 2024

To leftovers!! ( so much exiting to do now)

 Not that anyone cares . 

The amount of people over the years, who know i am wise, and i have reffered them to this extraordinary and beautiful  little book.

Nothing but angsty vitriol  does one get for reading any book in this sceptic aisle ..  and certainly no one ever listened to me and acted..

 ( last old friend nuked himself off a week ago, and i know its only his lack of self speaking with someone quotes a book ... 

he sells books... but has hardly ever read anything real...and thus he is intimidated not me intimidating..

.....  the land where everyone knows the price of  everything,   but the value of nothing...and couldnt even understand a good book about the value of nothing

Even vitriol from the poor woman who wrote her lovely bird on a tightrope book

hissing about me reading books... 

( any silly belief, creed, or even someone who believes some dance is the key to life... yes maybe for kids...)