Friday 5 January 2024

in fact

 How on earth can one person in this absurd age of McGilchrist doing talks on

 " metachrisis" to show off what a dark lost poodle he is too

how can one old goat have two perfect  blissful moments  of true simplest bodilu  "human" ness 

in ten days

The second genius

 of the century in fact

At her creek....  Xmas day

Gretchen delivers the perfect line.. eage

" shes an artist  she don't look back" ...havin vented her gorgeous spleen,  face to my poised rather graceful ...face. And storms off refusing to look ..back

This time.

And ten days later ...

A real woman, almost the opposite beutiful ..bodily... real.. 



saudade wasn't finished...afterall.

There is real life left