Friday 5 January 2024

jihad time


Even if i shall hide under her rags

oooooh yes.... a recent silliness

someone thinks that i am not ' bulletproof'

And would care for even one millisecond what they do with my ' private' messages

Shows just how bimbo bimbos can be

There hadnt been ' privacy' for years...

So you have to surf the ebb and flow of the crazed crashin 

angst and pain your surfboard whackin you on your head 

cos you are out of


and fall of the merry 

go round

the internet pulls you into as 


of death

of all




bet she didnt expect 


thoughtful real resonse

I hot better things to do

only cos tube put it on autoplay next

before the rag'edds got im

And he was genius too

but i have...if she would just LET GO!!... the answer all that dinosaur sexist piggery and controlin' what wimmin wear  ...