Wednesday 31 January 2024

 errata " key" ... 

the simple life is... when you only have one

( poor thing  i would open her high up gate for her 2010...  mustv been about 20 on her gangly  rings)

the key... well apart from anything else " dm me for change" ...

" i wish it was quiet here..."

one has to accept even if i make the occasional poetical recording 


Be in  a decade .. if one survives  the next Letbys 

Be ing created ss we speak addicted to quickest inhuman 


of a screen rather than human

ones true Champion, poor lamb... has no hope, in that the military

industrial  sized not very complex training contracts for the next generation of helicopter genocideres...




all... especially around here, often all might...

what a racket!  sometimes

late at night even recorded yo put in the operatic version

a decade on

I am rather proud i have tollerated so long.. its truly deathly their racket ( of course i "CHANGED"  my life to be way away from... but then i dont just do words, i did DOing.. and doing a quieter place sure makes you return to sanity, quite quickly actually...

 ......  thats what ... ehhh.... " valuing" the only fair mind ive met for years actually means

NOT Be ing yourself ..years i was...   putting up with that deathly horrid 'change'...

That wont change... here... cos thats who they actually


Poor lamb needs some philosophy psychology lessons

But the real lessons brilliantly cover exactly all what needs ( god i need to cover my ears that high power engine runup, 2 km away) covering ptoper psych/ phil.... has been coveted in good literature for centuries

and they ALL know better than to even bother   with a small good old book like Moores Utopia or even Silas.. nope Eckhart's manuals  got innem all they need to know

Funny that

published late 90s... very popular in UK... been around just about coincidentaly with the period, after many years prior quite a stable figure... UK kids  last 25ish years taken into 'care'  has about quardupled

or even more.

Never mind child murder deaths....  rather escalated .. Yea ....Eckhart had all the answers inside that sweet seductive smiley TV smile, too....