Wednesday 31 January 2024

" the way you [ British] bring up your children is a disaster"

Her body language, over the dog and bone, a year ago... gnawed at the truth to its painful gristly gnawing core ...reality

In fact never mind the meaning it in angrily 'relating' ... truth..( i assume not performed) . the  actual words were more damning.. they still ring in my ear, even now..

So ... even if over  two decades ago i would peoplewatch the usual ' beautiful people' yummies sat outside Shepherds cafe Hay... quite extraordinaly not noticing their 2 year olds   waddling towards the quite busy road... 5 m away... so full of manifesting beautiful  stuff like fake brochures for yurt retreats... 12 or 13 years ago 

....  it was bad  enough cycling through the ' estate' by Hay  ( the yummies dont WANT to know exists despite being rather large...) and some lovely local nippers out playing on the road notice  me... not known, to anyone really for some years... i hermituded  for several years " if you dont give us that bike well scream paedo.." .. i think they were about  7 or 8....

...I  have to suffer whilst summer 'camping'  at Gwerk  shitcreek ladt June....a  little family gathering at the waterside park... i have him filmed.. a bit... just for truth chronicles ( and actjal protection .. ehhh you can tell when you may need some) ...  but i dont believe in name and shame unless... well.. the real'problem'   is the middle class who go on 4chan and

 ( another time...i have years of them chronicled for monty python laughs) ... 

 back to her creek...10am.. an informal  child swapover...  one of these hip  ' im a groovy Gwerk dads commumity hipster beardy vannish... '

" here sweets.. [ about 5] .. hold my can while i go piss...  in [her] creek ..."  looked like about his 4th can that morning... 

I had to put up with....

... [ hidingish] for an hour... mum at the picnic tabkes  .. all smiley hipster we love Gwerkish...never once even asking " so are  you sober enough to drive .. [ them off for the day] ... and how strong is that  fat spliff you seem to be rather happily smoking away right ... next to your littln... ?" 

Which is one thing.... 

day after day...

even if there are many variants

But then theres the other thing... 

On the pathway ( " liverpool pathway" is a euphemism for killing " humans" off.. officially) ladt time ever!!

 so mine usage  (' pathway') may have at least two entendres..

lastereve... what a perfect dystopia i said... to mine camera

you had to just Be

but then only 5 minutes later

it came true

I have never ( and dont do hyperbole) seen such a perfect  coming true of her second sight in her assessment of the way .. they.. raise their kids ...  'second sight' because of course she wouldnt wish it said about her

 " community" 

 afront as i hurry along in the dying light.. a small group... yummish mum   older daughter and two youngers ...

on her back a maybe 12 mth old rather large one...

I meandered along behind not wishing to Be near really...

And saw all you need to know about the actual real life future, the Cheltenham ladies preaching on 4 chan

( so many times of course ive noticed)

cannot ever even bear to mention as they may have to point a real finger...

Innocent baba was being a baba,  and top of lungs objecting to

Be ing alive... 

as they sometimes do

and i thought 

" poor mum.. tough gig.. 4 of them .. #4 maybe overtired,  really big lungs ... maybe if i get my keys out  and jingle them a little walking by and smiling at it...sometimes that works... i suspect mum may actually warm to the Be ing helpful... [ i have my ways, years at it]"

And then i saw... five minutes it was bawling from the bottom of her large young lungs... tears streaming... 

real distress.. i was getting quite empathetically distressed for both of them myself...

and then  ( front facing papousse or whatever poncy hipword they use for a harness,  strapped to her back) .. 

she lifts her  screen  across her brest

up  to where baba can see


silence, smiles and ... even a gurgle of joy.

at something on film

i do have filmed

so i may remind myself 

but thats not nice so needs a bit of cutting i guess

( the great yank writer Theroux the grown up a few days after 9/11 said on the wireless " big events.. the writer should mergolate maybe a decade before folding it  all into his art.. that way the useful truth may be found perhaps..") 

this one occasion its not even necessary to wait 5 minutes...

the truth... simply proves so artfully exactly what she said

( even of the other 'classes'.. less fecund perraps... have different means, of achieving the exact same net effect..)