Saturday 27 January 2024

last one

 ... improved

i never ever think before using my fingers

but that one... hmmm... i think may be worthy of turning into one of those Moss covered little butterfly wing stories gets sent off into space.. cadet  land

( THE problem, they ALL became just so thick...i have ALL 'The Russians' in my 

library...those translated... and have read them.. ALL... except the unreadable unless you are junkyhead Will Self who petforms knowing surreality cos ee never recovered from the junk, ... Master and Margarita..  you dont need quite so much fairytale  allegory  or cleverdick whatever so as it becomes  unreadable...  great russians managed great subtle subversion in the face of Stalin or whoever else didnt like cheeky truths.. my real people, them real Ruskies...  never sold out... Solzhenytsen doggedly dogging on...  real writers... but you have to have a bit of Alexei sexy [ who isnt -  no liverpuglian can ever relax about sex or dancin due the reality of that place a weurd  bling obsessed London ENVYING....[ owen owen the Harrods of the North features fully in  amazing real film from 1920s ' Waterfront 'i must find again..avaricious bling monkeys one and all, scrapping in a hotbed of wonky catholics .. not a good mix ] sexy fun,  innit or its a bit to dull...

but weekends ( to use the language of now many british born graduates and politicians... even tjose in media department who get a 4chan slot!.. no hope for even thems any more using the simplest bit if the ultra hard language ) IS  for walking