Saturday 27 January 2024

but... give up..

  no one can read ANYthing in these fetid swampy lands for years

I knew years ago  or certainly 3 or 4 ago ... no hope ever of being ' understood'

when even the " i am a  major...flower farmer, that keeps me rooted to the earth" 

knows the exact £8000 sale price of her old banger, to the Hooray Henries and Henriettas

" ohhh... those ... i was at Hay-on-Wye last May.... i simply could not believe how the reconditioned 30 grand lot were all gathered in the square at that small insignificant dump....  showing off...  pink shirts,  all pims and corona virus in a beer bottle... swarms of opendecked antique landrover was like i was back on Sloane Square in 1982ish  when Hooray Henries were invented... pink shirts, Hooraying around.... we laughed at  and pitied them, then,  the 1% gauche crass and sadly  selfishly showoff .. inclined

" but Mrs Flower power....  they won!  invaded...they are majority now virtually....snd younger generations dont even smirk any more at the many among the twenty somethings.... even if most hide the pink striped shirt under designer trustafarian dreadlocks or fake old Portabello  old  army gear... they  bought all the old landrovers aroung Hay.... tarted up and now hire out as weddingmobiles...  at a thousand a weekend i guess...

or yuppie hangout mobiles... the photos i have from last May make me ill looking at them .. their banal  madter of his universe even if Hooray Henriettas clearly bred, too...  yours ..i see still has the moss you maybe are ok ..  so do you care the government relegalised neonics a few days ago.. truly endangering your crucial local Bees  ?.

" ..oh really....its not exactly the same here performing boho antique Landrover showing off.... pretending to be green at 30 km / gallon..[.thats 6 litres,  if a humlble green  beflowerstickered polo driver ...denying her own age ......]

 in fuel 

thirstiest vehicles ever  unless you REALLY need one" 

i never again wish to even speak with someone born in this fetid land of hipster telettubbies... so why bother writing any truth...they all lost it cannot even converse other than to con..

of course

she doesnt even know

of the #1 thing ... poisons and Bees

... the Bee..allows her to Be

" mrs Flower ..Power"  just performing  mouldy  unrestored 

landrover when she knows

the price

of every nut n bolt

i aint stupid we lost authenticity fecades ago

but i do have 2 superb chats in the chronicle channel already, today 

be gone.... me... there was never any point Beeing 

happily buzzin about every

 way before winter dawn

for decades