Tuesday 23 January 2024

Living in Eckhart's awful 'now' ..powerfully

 ( loads typos no time to check, in Busy Bee mode for a bit...now its lovely and tropically warm)

Of course the clue is in the 'p' word

Totally giving in to naytchah... means.

There are some days, ( science to come, even Mosley gets it now!!) when sunshine and ... the power of a one off  'people' makes one feel great

( even if i see a clue.... ayahuasca... the way they ALL here brag of their mind opening ' experiences'  having spent hundreds of quid and emissions getting to Mexico where they welcome your open wallet with open armz. 

...  sorry...  only stoic strugglation actualy opens your mind.. i know this over 20   sublime years, never mind alteringly 'enhanced' * 

and the one i love no matter what [ and because]  at least she said quite rantily " uhhhh ...well... its ok once as a 'ceremony'.. "  which we would actually in oldschool times have  framed ' do everything once' .. 

* enhanced, the problem... as i know the only enhancement there is is day in and out no matter what lonely bleaknesses ... and smiley babes who you know behind their smiles, even her my 'people' the aya probably so fried her one brain cell, she dorsnt recognise someone values her... only the 'chosen' few are told of Stormsure

And get  ranty poems  performed on lining up your'n and childrens' and the ' community' ..s, cut wellies, dogcollars .. backpacks..   for one good fixing session as the tube doesnt last .. ( so as to experimentially discover if they have a bloke that knows how to fix... or knows it is actual 'zen'..)

Anyway all that later,  as i like my memoirs ( pne in audio substack yesteraft... ) 

But ypur Eckharts wouldnt know the power in letting go to the now of nature.

Yesters..  lovely warm sunny...up all day... ealk all aft

Today lovely Jocelyn  ( more on her later) ..

So plan ... because the best most powerful  days of all are the twomorning days 

It being a bit too blowy  to enjoy an afternon wander, do the next best thing, which is plan a jolly good siesta at lunchtime ( feeding up prior)  being its a day to shelter from that storm

( in another lifetime, in another place, not Surrey on Sea,  they may actually ask " do you need shelter from jumpy Jocelyn.." but thats a place doesnt exist any more



And the best if days are waking up for a second time after a good long civilised continental style..siesta... 

civilised continentals also have a civilised way of tiring oneself out pre siesta   

But that takes two

And watchin Eckart wont help anyone with that...  or DO ...anything, real

other than give them all the atomisation virus

which came to pass, i am not stupid...

But i am not stupid in the one way they all crave via their dodgy   hipster enhanced ayahunasca 

now mainstream even

radio 4 a few weeks ago i just laughed!


( bet they are all busy as Bees on business plans down Gwerk way figuring how tvey can harness government grants and airline discount bulk buing plans and make a prophet, plans   so as to ship out herds of em to Mexico .) 

But a sad laughing, as i know as officially themost Ancient Marinered Job bobbin around yankin his cross through the mud.... fuck me ... from the sky fairie comic book googling who carried a cross 

Why did Simon of Cyrene carry the cross?
Biblical accounts

Some interpret the passage as indicating that Simon was chosen because he may have shown sympathy with Jesus. Others point out that the text itself says nothing, that he had no choice, and that there is no basis to consider the carrying of the cross an act of sympathetic generosity.
All these peeps with the name i hate now i must namechange 
Crosses must be yanked thats life
But awaking TWICE in a day, as always mind crystal clear sharp as a Croatian swordstick as he is off to begin the FIRST little genocide .... the other lot just copied, a bit bigger

is true  bliss / paradise  / blahh blahh ...and genuinely 'transcendental'  in a lightly creative museish 'second sight' ish way.... 
I dont know much
but i do know if one can indeed have a mind that is open aware truly in the moment and open to the sounds of her ....snoring in the next universe along still under her duvet . ... ( " i really do ned to start getting up earlier" yet another people pleasing sentence i guess... )
And can enter that 'state' without any substance ever other than a few strong cups of  propper black coffee 
Then one really is so much better off, and richer not wasting money on silly plant drugs in Mecchhh i co...
and actually values the " human" being we can get trippy and transcendental and harness 'energy' without having to buy dodgy plantfood ... that only muddies the waters
the truly clear mind quite alone, no cheating, no products   . is the one mist beautiful thing in .. this universe
As i discovered over 14 years... of smelly albatross...
no anaestgetic
no air freshner
accept entirely...what is... what Be
each day annew
And twice a day is even Be...tter...