Tuesday 23 January 2024

" I come from a place that doesn't exist any more"

 Though 'place' is the silliest word at the prosaic geographical  level because like the 'Jewish' Mamet man, ones ' people' are just a state of mind; and anyway " human" people roamed and gathered all over the lands ... part nomad part wanderer  quite obviously  because genes need spreading all over the land ir you end up with retards like Richard Dawkins who can only interbreed with his own fey  Oxford 'genotype'

But you have to meet someone who speaks the same language, occasionally, or you become  ... something not ideal.

( " ohh woe is us.... I just... well.... I am the same weight i was age 18 ... as youtoo seem to be.. all that walking you do .....  i dont want to be inhuman towards other humans

even if i cant speak with them as they MUST blame their 60 inch waist that wont fit in jeans, on genes due bad science abd worse journalism...

 but i just feel so so lacking in people... so many become motorised lumps of lard... i wander here and there  and feel like an alien sometimes .  so many chubbies.. what happened !!....  but then...


ones 'people'

 last time we spoke in the Lidl lardorama i noticed your bag.. that rip...  your wonderful silver grey hair, no chemicals no need to change what nature is..just seeing your silvergrey thatch makesme feel nicely human.... and such esteem you dont even need a new bag, the tatty ripped one just fine... you are my people...and we even have the  the same body hahh hahh..the one nature has designed to have for millions of years..  still able to landlope the pathways,  to life... must be lived on ...  even if most of pur people did die imoff years ago." )