Monday 15 January 2024

Mister scotch addled McGilchrist

 also missed another 'elemental' 'alchemic'  bit o' magic.

Humans really are ten times more of memory than .... than? of course it would be animalist to compare with anything other than ...myself

My atchin tans... I dont want any, memories, because the frst atchin tan, L'avenue Six Juin

Which really should be renamed l'Aavenue le jour de Noël

But this one- in truth the best of them all, glorious view, easily pointed towards the west so as to minimise draft.. it must not even be hinted at there being space for only 5 or 6 vehicles, not only did the perfectly humble Isolde tell me her friend lived here a few months, but now it has a real memory connected with this land...

rooted and grounded in a moment.

The mermaid moment. 

There is no better feeling than being " daddy" to a slightly full of herself mermaid

This is now the mermaid atch.

Or... well it was just so intimate, the merm and I.....afterdusk. teamwork, allies...

pure  ... sharing almost telepathically, the sos