Tuesday 16 January 2024

Mister Mann


" it is all a hologram"

now...unlike the pretty shabby latterday Fakebook  sharers of duff science, i have done the... work. Over decades

I think it is in Murray Gell-Mann's Strange Beauty ( i have, back in my library i hope i never see again), a chapter where he reports his findings,  him quizzing the top physicists and astronomers of the  late 90s

 " what really is ' reality'?" 

And many-  the largest proportion, state they believe we are in some kind of simulation, ' matrix' if one must after that really not very good film . ... or ' hologram' the trendy word if the last decadeish...

Years... 35 actually... i read, or tried to, the better science writers... so you don't have to... 

From dodgy Dawkins, Jay Gould  ( better)   and Rose Kamin Lewontin... then some fizzics...

And the last four glorious years, no more causes  in truth ( from Jan 31 2020.. it happened)... my my i had the time to pop back into that world...

Donald Hoffman, new glorious find 2020,  i respect as he states " my theories can not ever ever  ever not in a month of sundays be  tested or claimed as truth.." 

But having meandered through most of the newer wave of science broadcasters

( Keating.... hmmm .. he is rightly getting slagged off for putting up 'new' broadcast videos of talks a few years ago.... often with their god Eric Weinstein, about the only other one despute his big stomach i can stomach...  except bizarrely or rightly ? he largely went on strike a few years ago... hence cheating Keating gets clicks  from putting an Eric clickbait... as they so so so want to hear his next pronouncements

Meanwhile toodling along, no hype, no bluster, no confected  anything  .  is rather good old Sean... in fact only few years younger than I...

( nope not the goofy one in pic) 

If one is interested in: are there  angelic or


string pullers, other universes, matrixes  ... whatever... NOTHING has changed over 25 ish years ..

And i am only aware of one science speaker who speaks it exactly as one should... with just the tight hint of sardonicism  and absurdism

As  clearly no one actually knows anything for sure

A lovely state within which



vut also dozing off to their excellent talk... 

" moral" ..

what an interesting word i still dont understand WHY it was so feared almost... in the last winter talks ..