Friday 26 January 2024

no i was evil and wrong

 all along

And they blessem were right

All the literally thousands of Queen Bees of Fakebook

( linking or browsing,  looking for green environmental WORK allies)

I was rong 

they are the  light

and rite ( as most of them dont know how to spell i shall defer to their higher dimension of knowingness)

" the shift is taking place .... we are on the cusp of a new vibration which will sweep the vobwebs from the old universe and man ifest transformational  loyus leaves for all... especially if you 'offer' you offerations, or even your 'all' into my crowdfunder"

 they went and got the moon to shine just as brightly in the day afterall


i bow down in humility... 

magnaminity and

my absolute mental and 'spiritual' 


now i will be proved wrong 

in "her" next  phase

magically tricking all the pollution back into the badly made sceptic tanks

And telling those naughty "lovely" [ they all say] local younger 'adults'  how they were just manifesting their individuality chucking so much litter all over 

And Yummy Mummy Moonchild now will magic it all away

( so hermit crabs cannot use it all for homes we hear )

And all the farmers will be made not looney and magically stop poisoning everything with now 'legal' once more neonics...just this week I Be leave

We didnt need 'Green' allied real goddesses after all... 

the shift ... was coming  and just now, is..

( as championed by his Mister Brand) after, all did.... 

and all along they were right 

" you and you anger .." ( so many times itd laughable and should be made into a funny Monty Python of an opera)

 " noh ... bless you child, you make the Miss Take of Miss Taking .....passion, and even a bit of drive.. for that which you of course will have inside yourself ......

..... and the 'anger' bless is.... you, angry YOU never DO..anything.. makes you a bit wonky inside... bless ... even schoolkids when i was one, knew people generally 'are what you say, you are' ... bless you know not wot [ etc]"