Friday 26 January 2024

never again


not quite right...

will have to do

( ref audio yesterday, put here this morn) 

pit stop and meal and afternoon nap  at a Tesco car park  yesteraft ( ref audio)

someone still walks very  very .....upright.... and really,  hardly ever gets phone out...  only to make audio and vid for this..

 i never google anyone or read  my rare messages,  during the day .. if it isnt in my phone by 9am then it doesnt matter til the next day ... 

(this morn  audio put here  from yest, fills in) 

to be in these places for a while it actually makes me feel alien and not of their human race any more ..95%  of them walking around hunched over their little screen

makes me actually feel  like... 

i am the dead ghosting  one... no longer of them

( but i cannot find the exact word Huw used  2006 ... ofHuw Evans picure agency)

( same shirt i wore Christmas day just gone)

ref the paparazzi  ( audio refers to) ' chimpin' i think it was

he foresaw ... 

first it was just a few hunched backs then 2006 the lowlife paps... and he described their chimpish hunched energy... frenetically looking into their camera screens after a burst of shots, looking for the 5 grand payout snap:    right swipe or bin 

now its spread to everyone...


not me
i am the one weirdo left ..standing