Tuesday 30 January 2024

note to self

 ..if i could ever be bothered writing it all out fully, and Voltairean

( note, in my notepads, 2010,   after the first one.. ' she made me Voltaire..' sadly overclaiming talent, but i think not when it comrs to obscure poetical rhythm and even philosophy... i believe his rich  " bird" stuck him in  a dungeon too or at least tried to chop off his big one... head i mean!,  French people quite rightly make few jokes about the body or its functions,  or parts, accepting it all  as   nature and all normal )

my chronicles, the ONLY time i didnt dare to 'protect' myself ... which was never the plan... in fact tbe chronicle of awful lying greens then awful lying pro EU folk  ( same peeps in The Marches) was the interesting 


Grayling ... to my face, and recorder, May  2019  said i should record all for posterity.... even if so dull and boring to then write up he said i must..... so next gen may LEARN... who chucked away their EU  cos Farage didnt grab it, twas in fact chucked away by its 'owner'sssss... hindteds of em

But the only period i didnt dare protect myself( though should have as his reaction to me cleaning out his mess of a manshed was hilarious.. but if i ever even hint at it or his name he would take his 'works' macine gun and surely find me)

 the copper.. i liked in fact, and worked for a year,   later 10s...  .. on their land .. he checked me out ! as trustworthy... his much younger woman often with me all day home alone err and me ( no neighbours for miles to hear her scream... if my  hand scythe was miss used) 

an honourable man in fact, tools scattered around a shed to rust, aside.. .. ( many)

the best joke of all was the day he told me of the man  .

 homo... came to make false ' hate crime ' allegations.. Plod's telling of the story simply perfect,  one morn at his gate, as he rolled in back home after the night shift

  ". as i said to him...... .. you seem like a nice quiet   smart young chap  ...so .. listen .. tell me...these blokes at the pub duffed you up .  just one little query before we put to bed  for the CPS..your statement... so as i can categorise you in the right box....i hear your telling me 'definate hate crime guv!!  ' as you walked in   but... ehhh... did they  the duffers, actually KNOW you were a homo  ? ..so you  can report them as so hateful criminals  to meetoo... today? 

( the 'hate' element gets a higher premium at the bank, his... compensated..as he then explained..) 

 he actually left his job... 20 years 'service' including 7/7 bodypart collection...

not cos of  ' stress '

 cos he couldnt afford the laundry bill  every day so many frankly world record comedic tragic  stories

that make you unable not to piddle in your pants

sad i dont have it on tape.. ( never names i know what bleeps are for,  but that takes so much more electrix... hmmm.. )