Tuesday 30 January 2024

the " comfort tan"

 the brmest of them all

them atchin tans 


As celebratory comfort treat

last night the truly perfect quiet

And then the gentle  unforecast pitter patter on the tin roof the second best sountrack there is to life .... after moanin in the bracken.. accompanied by natural soundtrack of 


 rhythm...  or naybe even to it

(' authenticity' from last July i am ready to share it trumps kissin a woman under the moon.. a decision not to follow the ultimate in ...it... as she wished..  and she the lifelong

 known,  BODILY ultimate decision... and desire)

"  ohh so what if best jumper out to air overnight  gets wet... .  i comfy snuggled up... life will go on.. forget"

and it turns out a free auto rinse and



most days the goddesses are on side  since commin ear...

except in respect of one matter

but long ago i knew the 'deal' on that undivine bloody battle to the death 

woman man is so imporrant...is life itself

the strongest force in the universe 

and any other parrallel ones too

there is never any clue, or help, or smallest tip even as to what may Be

" pathetic arrogant earthlings... that one... we leave entirely... Up To You.." 

"its our divine comedy... we watch on extra tea time tv ... through the ether of your polluted air...  sniggering at you

 as you did 

even she did...at

the brst there ever was

 Monty Python  

... but you lot in real life are far far knickers twisted funmier..." 

 the end 

until the real beginning, starts...soon