Thursday 18 January 2024

Oui, Monsieur Courrier Indésirable

 ... makes me laugh as much as...

that bloodywell cost me a quid.

I hate vodafone more than even foolish' pro' Palestinians .... who cannot think " if pro... 8 Oct obvious....  no sanctions [ and it appears the COUNTRY door of the Hague, there being two .. one for a naughty person, and one for a naughty country...  takes about 5 years to get through ohh amazing Irish lawyer speech...] means they can do anything.... so ask the Pallies lovingly if you love them, to give up, walk away from the nastier Hammy lot.... and prepare for giving up for good ... "

apart from anything else

( walking on a lot from early Jan i met a young couple they were propper walkers except had a big speaker blasting out 

... " wow you made me happy your big tranny there.... i havent heard that one for years.... good reminder this absurd snowflake tranny lot  should be told we loved this one decades ago.... noone CARED if she walked like a woman or man ...or what it was about.... just a truly great song!! " they got it :-)