Tuesday 2 January 2024

 not part of my life all that arent i the lucky one but when i meet the almost 'majority' who's kids or friends screwed up by these rabbit hole compulsions and useless  rabbit hole solutions 

.. at last i got a good thing to say " just listen to that one audio i made" .. if you can "listen" to anything...

( i have to properly index references to the story that builds up to that audio today ... groovy tales in other audios... will take time and a socket...maybe one day)

Anyway new start ..new era..... a superb little insight yesterday walkin in the wind n rain

i care about how to describe my 2010 and 11 ..12

Matters spikey... and my compulsion and more to write ALL...

I GOT it!! at last...

But i only cared about one thing a year ago " how could i put it ? so she may let go of and Be lieve her own good words.... ..?? ... what story or how to phrase it? [ universally,  as it would apply to any great mind caught in badword traps ]..."

 i got it at last !!!!! :-)

... when i had given up...

the best way to put it so so simply just came as i landloped

and its in my audios

in a bit