Tuesday 2 January 2024

"trauma" .. as a word does not help

 " my granadad shot in the head, an intergenerational... [rumpus]" 

But its so much deeper... all those layers of the onion..

I care any 25 year old stuck in compilsions hears words that WORK... Maté's dont..


SHAME far more useful a focus that 'trauma'. Gabor Maté and co a fey diversion. see my website



only to send myself to sleep last evening... just a bit too pumped up

pondering the splendid end of my life 25 December... accepted totally.

it worked :-) within 20mins of the fey one

.. off to nod.

But i do the work and ponder the 'problem' and relisten.... he certainly is one 

Adds to quite a few references to their drug eorld ( pandemic here...likely ruined the world of one fine woman mind i tried to know)..and compulsiom world;  i have riffed on in audios the last 3 or 4 mths


awful film with high imdb rating, all 3 lead characters at a funeral must take sleep medication... 


( actually proposing oxyconytin is used as sleep aid!!).. unbelievable

im here audio essays  last spring on ANY fool blaming a drug producer for their addictions is a fool...  and dangerous Nan Goldin... bevause if you have a child or loved one using ANY substance to go 'on holiday'  any deflection from the real cause .. their own inner world as i waffle on, is frankly evil

the Sackler  and Purdue pages that Joss saw and thought were good...  i know as she loveheart twatted me...


a complete mess  ... all needs editing

And  anyway ( no shame keft all waffled in above site) all put far far better in Ralph Schism substack audios from July 23 ish.... intertwined with fun engaging autobio.. to engage!! cos piety bores everyone to death ..Gabor aint quite figured yet