Friday 19 January 2024


All i know is i am the luckiest person of the decade thus far.

And for the cynics and silly ones, it is all ( oh yes ... rather busy bee of a day ...i forgot, a truly wonderful 'divine coincidence' an hour ago.... i have never written "Q **** B** " before... they make me smile.... and also make me sad for poor Dawkins who began this radical atheism thing and spawned much of the dodgy ' heterodox' lot... he should have just said 

" mayBe" ...

 " but no one knows what its for....the second sights, shamanitic sales ops... any of is... but dont try and figure it or you go wonky....")

So yes... January 2020 all i think of is getting back to Europe... and having found The Sprout, at last...
who  categorically demanded  two years earlier she was authentic and constant and truly a warrior activist and will she assured me so poignantly  get even more warrior as she aged ( " La question Beryrand.." i asked her to her face during our 8 hour facevto face mamouth mid atlantic) ... and rhen comes a bug and for a year she is all self pitying on her very well attended Fakebook...  and then as of 2 years agov
, after being Mrs " Sustainable" so so in public
rebrands herself in public, only... the opposite: Mrs unnecessary chenicals on the skin Parfumierre .. and then sacre bleu!! Mrs just selling expensive blingy jewellery...

Talk about a lucky escape!!! 

Which is poignant and bittersweet as THE greatest fraud of all time... first equal indeed with my own mother  her decades of fakery  ising the eorst of all strategies, confected pity.... with everyone ( her friends .. errata one friend left... told me later on) 

But thats the past, the future is my true fortune, in that inspired by her i began to tjink of poignant imagery and dedicated some of 2021 to that seed of a fabulous alive thing... even in
 poignant if it still works

 thing is

for 4 years ( and in truth 20) i have so many absurdly fun wonderful gorgeous poignant images

i have yet to even return to

but just the lad
dt 4 years, each one for me is life affirming, and so absurdly energised

just going back briefly to the photo store is only a pleasure
ezpevially as only now am i ready to write the verse or so each requires to explain

 the real life affirming message ...and real lovely unexpected each.

and i dont fake goodness or lifeaffirmingness..

i shall have a wonderfully happy next decade just pondering  how to enjoyably present
a bit more ' professionally' presented
the last one

the poignancy in this  is as good as all of Homer woven into one loose end... 

but in this( everywhere here) region of such needy men
its quite shocking to the quiet soul,mine....who motices reality.. a weird desperate neediness in all...  none could listen "maybe you need to use your imagination for what  actually makes you, more.... rather than all this need to imagine i matter....i am not here, my  spirit has left these .awful shores years ago.... body not quite ready as i was waiting for the only good mind i ever met.... "

a good book
in the sun