Monday 29 January 2024

ree... boot...

 no asses left

text already im my head... you have to await the kairos

shesed shewood elp...

" you should be monister for This Feminine Position, as you may know by now, i do not charm or lie....and you are the only one whom no matter what fould  shitty odeur i message your way down to cocaine and sewerage reekin harbour,  central ...  even writing about your litter lout fat slag of a mate ... I cannot seem to scare you away... you never even do a smallest hissy fit.... what a fine mother you must really ...Be..."

" how could we ' reach' the only great writer in this swampland?  whom in her 16 pages "bird" script doesnt tell us what to think... and tjus created a godly harmony of perfect words.... but needs something ... that stops  her hookerin' herself  like ALL the rest for years by Fakebook..  tellin people what  to think, of a non word ' feminine'  ... you knowing full well your feminines are about as fuck you up the ass  badasses  tude b****s ever extant... "