Monday 29 January 2024

so, poor woman...

 " i no longer am going to be part of any institution"  err Fakebook said

The Institution - once good.. once fairly pure, 30 yrars i set my clock abd mind by Monday morn 9.05 Start The Week..

first word as i yirn on,  a bit late today .

" alchemy.. "  some starry eyed little starchild,  thinks cos shes read some newage no sense and been Glasto a few times on ees and   'shrooms 

is a word

when ALL of nature is simply  stand alone atoms, of elements,  in Primo's supremest ' Periodical Table' no reader  or even bookseller here has ever bothered reading his greatest life affirming stories... only knowing him for the deathcult of their holocaust they still cannot dtop moaning about to look good and thats whitey of the blackbc

...or a combination of one  elements into molecules which IS life... and mixing molecules is nature ...

so blesser poor lamb talk about pimping the most  100% institutional [ of newage showoffs] non word,  ever '  alchemy' ...  sad thinh is ... if only she knew... the younger ones  bought into this bullshit... are so much younger ... and 

her 'institution' in that silliest word,  they pimp far far more  'professionally..' ... .  imto gar more nonsense to make them alome also ' look' good

when in fact almost everything extant is a mix nature mixed up in mother earths mixes and potions and experimental hot stews..   millenia before   even her once fine mind was extant

to Be cont