Friday 26 January 2024


they are so behind the 'times'  here, in that some regions they have acknowledged the poor birds are really being fucked up in the head and body no doubt,  leaving powerfull lights on all night

at 6am.. way before dawn chorus

you get a dawn chorus all night


the end, never again... as Mister Orwell knew
: do [ nearly] everything  once... to understand people from inside their world... be among the whiffy and the wanton... 

( as i did autumn into winter  2023 being among another  ... saving.. rescuing from herself the Queen Bee of a huge healer and spiritual energetic shaman world festival....   even she said " simon.. i had no idea just how truly fatally stinging these nice energy healers ,  shawomen, reikiis and all the crystal lot can be ... ive known many decades as their Empress ..ario... 
but my my.... they lose out a hundred quid... my my my they hiss and stab and they really would  steal or kill my puppies farm dogs, puppy farming operation [ in truly awful sairless enclosed no space, space..of course her 2 grand a pop sausages werent being 'farmed' because she is healer divine  shaman queen and has 1000 fakebook friends who all know so]...."

What is so so interesting is just how ill in the head the administrators are of their world

That ' precariat' ... they are nice people though 

its all such an interesting double edged sword
almost makes me want to live 30 more years to write it all up

some i shall.