Saturday 27 January 2024

so, all it is....

 Though the full Fairport version really has the edge, being the ego of just one, alone

 is lost in the morass of musical foam 

and thus  it is more of 'nature'  

being nature is a thing of multiple lives living coextant

humming along in a not unpleasant harmony


Even the 15 year living in,  Londoner...

They don't know

In what is, just like Paris to France, this only capitol mindset

is yes arrogance.. abd a kind if only narcissism..

the Londoner cannot think

It may be other

than as they are

and have Been..

She cannot even think - put her head in another place or another's shoes.... or have anothers ears to listen.

This is the sad fact if arrogance, a harsh word for just being infected with London

And would not even know, just how busy her region is ( i only ever think of 'regions - 30 km circles around a location which may be the centre of my mental universe at any time)

Anywhere from Foulmouth,  all down  the East Coast from there,   even the southern coast of Lizard...  so so busy

and if course inland all the way to Penzance or the inland towns


so much traffic

So much noise

And so much ' needy' 

"look at me,  like a warrior i retired here on my big pharma  or British Aerospace genocidal bomb making division, pension .. and valiantly survived a few frosty days... to be here in this carpark ribbed anorak to smile at you .."

So every few weeks i must ... depart

West or maybe to some 

very south 

more hidden awayplace

retreat into the few  quiet places i have found .... on the edge of it all:

their so noisy region....

Just London. And they would not even accept or know they live there...only having lived elsewhere-  definately not London, can one recognise London and its arrogant .. frankly disdain for other humans

all around... everything here

( and i see the skin of those many years in the actual geographiccal cities, looks many years older than ... 'normal' skin)

But there is one aspect 

And also 

sad but true... 

So Be it... i only feel sad for their inadvertant martyrisation to a ..fraud. Which leads to no good thinking. Ever. Good thinkers must Be

 ' both'.. for real... have experienced the big city arrogance...but also lived a life for years among the totally null people... who have nothing, say nothing, never dress to Be something .. know no one would take any notice of them,  ever.. but ' living ' means really living.. year on year awaking knowing no one knows you or can ever or would ever care and there is no way of changing that

cities selling the false dream these things can be changed

in rural  wild places  away from her busy busy Bee region....its not even a dream...  

( this post got accidentally chopped up  and mixed up i got better thigs to do than bother starting again... which reminds me... some immigrant here 30 ish years ... she wouldnt even know, the atricious English now of even the mother tongue university educated...  yours is far better! seriously... dont moan...  its tragic, real tragedy when english american too... 90% + have lost much of their confidence and ability in simple coherent english ..they chop it all up... lost children... yours is far better, even when ranting at me !! ...i suck up to no one)


anyway... " fickle friends" deadSandy ..sung

such a city song

to Be cont