Saturday 27 January 2024

sue if you want, i do fact


But ... 

The 'London' mind cannot look at its own mind and ponder, would sue first,  and ignore its own avarice and total acedia.. 

So one video is ' unlisted' only 3 confidants, not of here,  have been linked where the FULL version if this pertains

" they come here... i can smell an ex Ken High St type a mile away, doubtless ex junky too... con the poor clueless  local council  they will save everyone with their 'community' charity store large charity on prime brownfield land...  saving everyone from a bit of cancer...  conning folk big savings inside.... a pair of old not sturdy shoes ...12 quid, she demanded so avariciously,  cos of the 'label' she said..    it was laughable.. but its a free country the biggest conbabe wins [ they always are, feminine... as we saw in Horrorfordshire...  when the massive confraud ' Cart Shed' bankers  wife  from down South ... did the lical yoga classes too...had to run away crying, after 8 years of conning,  selling her Stately Home in 

the following biggest lie ever

badically she coukdbt jeep her trousers on ..despute several young kids and got found out...

and ran away her 'favourite' gardner  left behind...

i knew her wellish... and her of 15...paid for with 'charity' money... my neighbour for years  i knew him very well...he did the wood at  her 8 million quid toy

they actually sold ... after 4 or 5 years as an aristo charity destination i even webt to an 'event' all aritis for mules came to charity buy bling...and all the scruffs came too..

building up 'image'  ... then running away crying, selling the #1 world vile women objectifying  pornographer, Mr Pornhub... a canadian

anyway one day... there

but here

the avaricious acedia

Mrs S Ken was stood outside a long time... surveying her grounds

virtue signalling charity adverts " come look at mine!" all over 

( the main roads around)

yet 10 m behind the cars not even 'behind'... i can tell as a countryman when the grass has been growing through  litter and all sorts if rusty metal and jagged plastic.. just chucked, and left... for months
longer in fact

And 5 or 6 ' charity' workers milling around all day ...many out front

I think we know where we are... only in London would a silly tart in bling  attempting to look 30 when shes 65 
surveying her  deck
of poop
be unable to pick up the  rubbish... 
that may be taken by  frequent gales into the sea
just aside
or borrowed by a hermit
crabbing around