Monday 29 January 2024

So, in thirty years

 ...only two "humans" ever actually said genuine things. In my whole life. Or if we just keep to the Western whiteys... 'real'  Moroccans or even  youngmen Lithuanians duch as Michael  were wise enough to tell true truths... from the 'outside' looking in

And both female... The males lost their poise and grace and sincere storytelling abilities years ago,  and the absurd  new generation of technochappies,  Katie Hopkins likes to go and have selfies taken with, deserve to be in the  alexbelfied slammer   as their rhetoric is so fizzy  and sourly angsty, only champagne socialites such as Hopkins  can swallow it... ( shes your new Andrew Tate-  your kids will find soon as their real life very very influencer, latest superguru!).. but Belfield inc  with the absolute lack of any poetry or sanity ... won. I am not stupid. 

The first a few years after ( no one did this in 94 )  leaving, for good, my South East as 'base', with not a penny of hustled money in my pocket, nothing..... to go and Be hermitude in the hills above Hay-on-wye

 ( there being only about 1% ex Londoners around back then, and they darent ever brag about it thank god.. so you never heard that word)  

" theyll never  invade ...and gentrify  and bring in their wake their designer drugs and anoraks, up this way ...we are safe too long a commuter  drive " .. wrong

.leaving ... if not in 92 her wars errupt to sadden us....... having long ago seen through, and understood,  the mitary industrial complex  all around... even in the trendy  exotic dance clubs of  soho ( pumping out ' ethnic' goodness via samba or tangotoo) 

so far so dull.

But when the first truth lady spoke, 97, i could give the exact evening, i still today have a  frisson of poetical  passion for her

A ( very famous family,  of the mil ind complex) moaning Leona 

"they...." to Be cont

The second... " we sat in our Sarajevan homes before they started to get blown up...

.... watching you lot on the telly ...  as if you were at war,  you were all clearly so bonkers and [ 'immoral' / lost / sick whatever the right word] ...  we really really laughed at your sick mad society"

 Sarajevan tv must have actually been rather good, as Warsaw tv was just Rambo and Pretty Woman, the poor parasitised populus thinking the latter in fact a documentary.. [ sic, proof in long interview with superb 30 year old  Polish rich fladhbiker  bankerwoman last May " hey man.. you are as sharp as the figurative  mental  razorwire around her rotten houseboat.. no one ever put it quite  so perfectly.. you just described perfectly to me, my ex peeps.."  ] 

So lets start with the first. I have never heard such a shocking truth... i did Be leave

And even if you ' cannot take the Surrey out of the girl' i guess, especially if her family owns the village innit named of them... still its the one gorgeous horrible truth of real humanity that explains rather a lot

but what is innexplicable the more i ponder, those English,

 bringing him up to date... 

even a couple of years back, ones true 

'best mate' 

from being thirteen

several 'shared opressions'

" ohh god its just so so terrible whats come pf us" 

Brexit  a biggest possible 

especially as half his London ultra  superwoke hipsterfamous architectual practice  employees were 

of the EU

then him stuck in twenty twenty towny tyranny

he said he didnt like

... several times " we must get back together, go for a few weeks bicycling peraps.. yes i would love to see this historic ruin you swampdwell at... all those hectares of empty parkland except for nature taken it back.." 

a ghost, too