Monday 29 January 2024


 ... " who are you?"

I truly hate  claiming anything... really hate even shortcut language one may have to resort to

But as the man says, boss of it all 0750 ... ( in a pincer movement Kafka would not believe,  and want his money back on his own name,  so Kafkaesque..) 

see as the 'latest'  government  schemes brought in they are boasting about yoday yo the official spokesman for the family courts, the BBC Today program ...obviously... since Sanch.. got in bed with Andy ... are in fact exactly what Ian Mackay and I,  alone,  brought in in 2005 ...Esti's ritten   peaceplan .. ALL can be solved by mediation .. 

even if they will never let anyone tell their OWN story  unless theyre called ... but you couldnt even report " Mrs Kafka had her kids unlawfully pinched by the Stasi dtate" 

( Bossman Dave 2015ish, just about authentic in respect of kids,  him being dad of a very disabled one   " this house.. mine... moves that about twice as many kids are taken away by the state into privatised state houses,  than really reall should be the case...  and we really must put our foot down and stop it! . . blessim .. they didnt even listen! to him bigbossmam..  and i do believe its about three times as many by now.. and now " uk record  mumbers" )

" more cases in family courts than civil suing" more cases in family courts than criminal" 

i think its not unreasonable to indeed slightly claim in shortcut language as i do from time to time with newpeeps cos you gotta explain some of your 'story' so dull...  " well... sort of....most influential legal activist  [ definition, real risk, REAL pain the bum,  when they get you back] this century.. certainly in respect of  affecting the greatest number of " humans"...[ to break the single quotemark / double ..alternating  weird rule]  .. and the government used almost all our solo  work as new blueprint " 

shame there are none left who even know how to slightly Be one.. "human" that is