Saturday 6 January 2024

so, why i wonder...

 ...did the chocolates woman say that?

" i realy am world expert at staying umder the radar"

" i really don't think so...ohhh no i really dont..."

One thing i know.... well of three or four, is that meandering, landloping, vanloping,  wandering, muttering on long walks there is a subtle diference, this region and last, which is a pretty sad weird gawping from nearly every man who isnt obvious  incommer playing at his expensive playground. 

Of whom there are two variants, the gymn attending, ALL the-kit-types whom almost all wear horizontally ribbed coats ..of course they wouldnt call them ' anoraks' that lovely old word..

designer must-haves... they are so fierce if one engages in any homespun whimsical way ( or dresses down )  and they exist only to force their way to the most 'status' vehicle, clothing, dog  and reserve the right to get it on with the Kardashiate dogs .. if nowhere else other than on a porn site.. they pretend theyre far too chummy great guy to ever need

then you have the fake bohemian lot performing craft beer beardiness .. and their ( in the old days one would just call them Berkinstock babes) truly vapid performative Joni Mitchell lookalikes al of whom without exception are performing dancing magpies... only interested in some puddle they can peck at something shiny to have for themselves... themselves...only.

i have no interest in the afirementioned, other than its interesting to know where the 10% of Hay on Wye / even nowadays Presteigne Kington  invaders ..we just called trustifarians or fake hippie glastonbery fakes... came from. I didnt know they had massive breeding colonies on playgrounds such as this region, simply a Surrey for more cleverly zeitgeist  performative urbanites

But the ' local' ... 

'man' ... 90%

 even if one meanders along a lane on the outskirks of a village or small town... the plainest white-van man, real man appearance possible... bobble hat... no sign of hippiness or pikiness...

my my... they stare even if in old van ( going a bit rusty now)

And its the same on walks.

Of course in more visitor saturated places they cant stare at everyone they havent seen in  the pub for years as there are too many

.. but its horrid and sad... real men dont invade anothers soace when he is out keeping himself to himself in rural lands... that was always the rule

But is this also part of some absurd confetti gossip ? put so,  as no one knows my full story or anything much about me.... abd i spend a few days or week here then there rarely in any one place for more than  4 or 5 days of any month...  so... a network of snippets  not conjoined as its been so bloody windy ( not on the East coast)  the confetti gets scattered and soggy before one has a chance of a cuppa with anyone .. to tell ones real simple stories

So... only one i told much of my story to, and context...or maybe she cannot read...or wont... 

despite me reading her... and pondering what she was..and would like to say.

Anyone else is operating from imagination

Funny old world...