Wednesday 31 January 2024

so may


clear, soon...

and though i wish to do nothing except one thing  promised a year back, my todo list grows so i must stop

item 1

was going to Be

enter the poetry competition, expires today

( maybe with the one about boats... and the best paint may Be... Be inng  three times dearer....  the 14 year old  superb real woman .. only great English born babe ive met for years...  in Mawgan with hedge. .said she loived when i read it aloud to her )

nope cos i know this is Hometically " more  better"  to quote the  younger academic types 

we have on 4chan nowadays... born here 

so...she advertises  " i seek collaborators" 

collaboration Be ing next to godliness... long ago i knew.. ehh if anyone ever meabs what they say i doubt it

But... when they have even stolen his identity...

she deep fakes she is him...

when sorry no way

" 'series creator Mike Walker"

i was REALLY looking forward to a sunday aft new Mike...( i told the blusher about and listed them forcher even, being she seemed grown up and a history buff.. real history even.. so she implied... fool me)

sorry.. no way.. not one bit of the truly great writer Mike in that...  he must have run off refusing to look her in the eye even he so disdained her awfulness .... and unable to listen to her

as me that one

 ... to the point... the ' culture'... mine... the great learning was always at its best with a good 4chan afternoon play....

until 5 or 6 years ago except for Mike stuff and 2 others ...only. .

it all turned into  self pitying utter drivel .. or bolshie  Eastenders  type nonsense or even worse ' horrror' or crime or ' psychological xrama'  all of this dire  staple fayre of  even the chaveratti who went to Cheltenham ladies 

not accidental we have acjrding to McGilchrist a few weeks back their absurd word " metacrisis" ...

Anyway essays to come one day all my refs ready .. 

But if she advertises shetoo has written a radio 4chan play... i will have to hrar it... first before even thinking of anything, next

because i know full well the real test os a real mind abd real writer never mind whether or not that poetical mind has one or three d...

And i doubt the odds are in her favour as i have listened to 97% at keadt its who i am ... chopping my logs with a good play on audio. ..   two "birds"  one stone .. 

i havent heard anything else  even worthy of the title ' play' for  some years  

And the last time, the Souter ' what love sounds like', person to person  chat with him he wasnt even aware of his own piece being a beautiful masterpiece  mafman he wanted to argue !!  and text to me in so many words  i am sick  abuse. of me .. just explaining  fawningly what a master he was...

all went mad... but i know a good play

from bad

we shall i guess see

no giessing.. tis or aint.. period

hear her real mettle ... one  verse  or so, easy 

i am.only interested in 16 pages ( if i recall tt) or more ... real writing.

no more halfies... only the full mettle .. and no showoff jacket either

( i know...i have to move... gunship noise, endless performative attire... enough now... soon)