Wednesday 31 January 2024

" 'simple' stories" - the real one...

Well of course i guess it was't take in, i had already told the only one that mattered some weeks before - even if perhaps not quite so stark and fulsome a story.

(i intended to have this font a year ago, but... well someone couldnt keep it SIMPLE.. demanding too much when)

.....when ... " I only really got in touch seeing your little film of you with your bowsaw and wood .."

Back a decade... one thing i know more than anything else, having a decade  made it my thig to notice, and be...all that decade....if one as i had handsaws your wood (living among a non community of woodlanders) several things are apparent: firstly except of coursethe obvious big thick do the job more quickly, far more cheaply and with so much ore useful zenny bodily poise AND grace...
those with their chainsaws i would watch struggling to get their noisy ego machines to work
by which time i would haves sawn through half a large pile of wooden poles ready for firewood - but above all it is the mindbodily state of mind the hand bowsaw gives as best of all gift - quiet stoicism, just plod through life (and great insights as the body  flows through saw-to wood and woodpile ...withreal quiet energy insights...)
And then her  word "community" ...well i am sorry i know no one who could think:"maybe if i use a handsaw bowsaw (and take big buggers that need chainy away in a field) may Be a nicer life for the rest of the 15 people of this 'community',... " well ten years i waited to hear that from
NO better beautiful film to make of all that - that is England 
But was her dance at her woodsawing doohdahh... just to Be seen  ....i guess so as in real in and out  for causes an effect makes you only quiet real "human" .... pondering also did i say what i thats what one is...never mind trauma  healing... and all the other good stuff that is "change"

more later broken keyoardimpossibletouse 

the little girl vid....hmmmm.... childs on film

but then of course you cannot see her face. 

SUPERsimple...for my onlyfan

plus the ultimate silver lining and what 53year olds get WRONG 

and that needs hashtags....time to make this searchable for real