Saturday 27 January 2024

THE.... end

 only poetical fun now

especially as at last i have found a GREAT guide 

this one,  is heart in the mouth

this one should not exist she is so real.... 

from my monthly pilfered pile ..

never pilfered as i look after books NO matter what

as per 40 years of them still in store 55 quid a month... 3 years ...oh well

and they these many pilferated,  will return one day to the 'universe'  in as good nick, as new, they are merely ' borrowed'

this one

 is real

i am in love

with a writer

a REAL one

for the second time in only 14 months

there is good writing thats from a real heart... even  held out in the light for all to see,


between Katarina's legs

in her 16 pages

and the

but i do know my own ' poetical' sort of splurgy riff...  a whole year of it

the full  range of media

all together.... is a 'form' just as good

net effect

the same

and that was never my plan

( even if " what do you want?" ... " to find a man who is a poet too" ... boxticked,even if a year too late.... and rather a long one)

but it needs infilling many audios and photos left out

i may be some... time

it WILL ... Be finished

one day