Friday 26 January 2024

The Remedy...

 among my unsung personal triumphs.... so so so gently and quietly...such that even she never  knew, never mind her 'people' ... ten years ago over six months i cured a younger lost  woman from a truly terrible affliction of the biggest of all daddy issues: her replacing her truly worse-than-alcoholoc one, who never was daddy but pretended he was superdaddy, with her actual " husband" .. Jesus... 

She so addicted to her father figure she was mentally shagging, too

first time we did it she broke down with " real tears" ( brownsville) 

" i just committed adultery ... against my father/husband... "

within 6 months so gently, by infact going along with it all ... with her and to their vudu Christian gatherings.. a range of them as she was adficted to 3 concurrent denomonations...and... gently letting her see.... their frankly evil hypocricies and prejudices ..... 

dhe wss ' saved' and returned to Be ing.. quite a normal wonderful woman, even if daddy issues take decades to  fix i guess

As me " there is more than this material  state... but forget what it is or why as we can never know... live here on earth.. "

shame someone else  cannot i guess ponder their own ..' journey' a little more " insightfully"

and get fixed

( humour is always part of the remedy, no 'medicine' ever is...indeed there is an inherent  contradiction, in that... spesh with her...  i Be leave our bodies, mindbody combined DO innately cure us of being " human" - the charlatan version... if we just let it all Be.... shaman is just a silly word, Be ing new is real )