Friday 26 January 2024


 ... the simply far far worse

in their 'parenting' 

that JP could not understand 

childless i believe

Is the way that a whole generation, of Brits, yanks too in all likelihood... but not Europeans

have been mentally  strangled  by weak and neurotic parents 

who no longer, some years...about 15... 

have the strength to play with words like a REAL 'man' ...  

and stopped teaching their own children.... 

why we always must

it is the end of ego, theirs, theirs so big .. they can only manage small Ekhart and his like....

The Heron " i forget... is that big or small"  is genius writing and a genius Be ing..., too

Only a strong person can let go and  throw literal ' meaning' to the wind and trust her wordly  " bird" to  fly... and find a good mooring one day

As she did in her writing i saw ... but i guess the trapping  nets are too much, especially here...

 ( that will make you mad and ill if a hippo  Guardian reader from the South turned fake workshop or retreat operator in, say.. the South West..." is that big or small" means.... you are absurd, too... and when i was engaging with her i said " well.. no English woman can ever change her mind" ... or "turn around"... a sure sign of  actual mental illness and i fantilism.. about the only mefical label  they wont claim,to look good and seek attention ..)