Wednesday 24 January 2024

There is a second reason, too...

 Apart from the fat  godsquad of the West stating " mine does all the housework.. great deal this marrige bisness if you ask me" 

What i saw today on lovely  post siesta  second  buzz of an aftermorning  ... 

And have the poise and grace, to actually at the very least,  'call it out' ... 

Simple life is one thing, and as world expert for 30 years, 20% of the 00s in van with lass meandering, 80% in extremely spartan  old unmodernised rented high hills farmhouse with lass,  6 of the last 14 years aliving in ultra simple camp or small space vanlife, and the other 8 albeit in once great huge  swampfilled even less modernised old aristo estate i rented 4 rooms in, i only ever used one,  for everything, and that one room far far smaller than someones boat ( " no room for anyone else here anyway!!!") 

and for 3 years two of us lived in that one extremely small kitchen most happily on the sofa most if the time and certainly all wi ter

But its not enough... its the DOing i realised do simply and starkly thisaft...  even if you need to have simplified to 'do' cos they'll get you!!..... this time... its simple, no one can argue  about what needs at least 'calling out' 

 its in the can... where it should gave been in the first place

as is my disingenuity

 about Mister sucking up

 performing Mister Godly  ultra simple