Friday 26 January 2024

to them all...

 "we never met"

except maybe one who does have great manners !!!! 👶😂

and a humble unfixed little  rip in her handbag

now.... back to the one fabulous thing i discovered many years ago

a sublime

or harder to describe

Sometimes i spy a face..only rarely.... a completely nul expression

i remember  every such occasion for 30 or more years

you can see it here evwn if he was a handsome old dog

( as on youtube in FULL panorama  if you want to know England Ms. Bilge Pump .. a term of  personal mental ENDERMENT...essay on that soon... how truly hard it is to translate warm friendly nuanced  humour... 

when i used the word " trollope"  in my mongrel front room 25 years ago and she looked it up she couldnt of course undersrand the whole weird terms of affectice endearing NEWance that performative English IS,  and thus nuclear war broke out 


even a more gorgeous word

they dont have to mean on yer back for a day of  pay-as-you-go....  as in the LITERAL or evem OED definition.... in fact to enlightened modern users of this  subtle nuanced language  ( no Gwerkite or Foulmouthed could be )  they never do...implicit isGOOD FAITH... one never needed to state unless actually having BNP bricks thrown ones way... even courts knew about nuance and double meanings 30 years  ago... no more! ( so i know we lost, they won i am no " martyr " ... as she screamed......i must go!...soon)

and thus immigration is a truly massive genuine   state of deserved selfpity and disadvantage  .. the poor immigrant (another self pitying wrong way round dylan song title,  he started it!!!! this wokersectional  sadness... section him as he is nuts...sometimes)

NOT fiinshed YET

adding to this still

in this Roeg documentary  ( video clip in link below)

( i have uncensored version i must put upsoon)

3 things

1. in original dvd the woman on motorbike her naked jugs are  bouncin around as they cycle  over the divits free and... free...and no one even notices! that wasEngland then... bodily all is accepted blahh blahhh...

i guess not in Eastern or SE Central Europe...

2. in the not fuckin tik toc version -  which has cut off the sides in the background is a hippie chic.. a perfect pure dope tokin hippie chick on the to her contemporary  ... the  ultimate Gwerkian hipster  hippyman... 

when i first saw her about 10 years ago i thought " jesus the perfect humble sweet hippy woman" ... pinup for some i DID know....   . i was quite o sessed with her some years...

until i discovered some years on... her name Annabella Churchill...  probably owned half the homecounties, how she gotto be up there...on stage... a bit of 'privelage' even there among the pretenders...only pretended to despise the warmongering family

or at least keep her a bit further in the background at the ultimate gathering of 'love' ...

next to her bloke  Oxbridge feyboy....Ingrams ...

THAT is England ..

you figure

#3.. Mister T ... the greatest white soulsinger of all time ... who snubbed Zeppelin... . 

the 'null' look i so adore

is in his face ..

timeref in a bit 

.... errata tiktok so bimbodoesnt even seem to have timescale... first few camera dwelling on him clise up... that look as if he can see all the universe but... wishes to see nothing nor be seen...i see it sometimes  in to me the only  REAL " human" faces ... randomly time to time... to me it is beauty. total

beauty that wishes to tell me...nothing

just Be