Friday 26 January 2024

 last one added to somewhat... i would only say as i only look at stats if i have edited  or added to somethibg after writing something 'in the moment' and posting ... which i do ... as an ultimate act of not fuckingwell BE ing...' me'

the real gift to her

because me for decades  was  pedantic and carefully written no typos  trebble check all emails,  never mind messages..i do have my writing ( written 

' representation')  in the friggin uk historicals, lawcourt anals or is that annals?  dont yerknow.... 

i can

but gave up...  ... to important just to let go and Be leave...  yes the'giddesses' know, if no one else... the readable version... thats the point

of Be ing.. 'aware' but you gotta DO stuff too ...

did in my case

And i know no one else  did much  so i accept compromise 100% .. 

just now



like themtoo

no good Be ing only an island

even Socrates  with his"i know nothing" was fibbin' and knew that one 

i add as i look at stats only to see if someone nay have already read it before i go back and detypo or add to

in the moment

and several dozen have already

which nakes me feel


only human touch is a feeling

( in the land where  the majority once middle age have none or little except paid for   [ paid for mortgaging the youths future]  nurse changin their nappies )