Sunday 7 January 2024

tomorrow, to ' work' propper

to do

explain why to pity the intelligent poor imigrant, or offer to bolster ) really i concluded THE most important service to humanity of all!... find a genius, not first lang eng and augment )... because/ as absurdism really is a gift in fact essential

and it doesnt translate

( even the usual radio fayre the compulsory gayman and bad actor in 'anal sex' Waller Bridges badly written load of crap as she must stick in " anal  sex" 8 or 9 times in her filmscript as she has nothing actually real and subversive to say about her dilettante human condition)  at least he was so good on that

PLEASE... absurdism means LAUGH at got Monty Python...its the KEY to a happy quay

it means laughing!!!! at Be ing a 'relationship guide' when... you cannot even read and take in a message about one.. or ponder  or reply to a message proposing sharing the travel to a cuppa half way

full moon

authenticity ( and that smell) from July 

and a few other infills 

oops probably some private video diary vids got in the mass upload yesterday with bits that should be censored for seemind sad and latgetic... watch

FIND THE GLORIOUS " bird" clip

yesteraft  post...the 'entitled' man we can hear here 

and one glorious poem to record ( by voice so so much more poignant and alive maybe an exception to the

 read it goes in and stays in... 

listen...only 50% goes in... maybe 30

 watch it  certainly far less goes in and stays in


order  of service

1. listen to SU ... link in first post today

2. listen to hurried waffly critique ( in the cold, hard to think and talk sweetly in unison predawn ) ...

( will redo for substack... and hashtag ' why sam harris' should be locked in a zen buddhist monastry dungeon with his meditation ap on loop in his ear until he goes mad, ,  for life, and the key recycled into simething USEFUL to " humans" ... she said i was one ...miracle.. the mindful shamanic zen bonkeratti maybe didnt entirely de"humaneyes" her....well thats a ... start... i can never use that word now and not think of her)

and only then...

just some proof

and dont listen to collared doves especially if collared by a Balkan babe

who would have tjought in 60 or 70 years the once only " Balkan" bird

has utterly invaded colonised and basically  defines a summer evening

tweet of today the Balkan collared dove who probably tweets in her mother tongue  too... should be pitied or helped or bolstered to Be at her best... because moving country is great but still the cost is extreme...i was told.....i often think of 


of the morning

shame 99% thought they define the night with vudu hocus pocus, to make ' friends' and dodgy cash for bad advice on what can nevdr Be understood... the esoteric

as the truly wise know

even Suzi !!