Sunday 7 January 2024

Buddhist practices and practitioners like Sam Harris should be 'cancelled' for sexist piggery

 ...snouts piggerating  in trough  of sexist piggeration,  especially snouteratti like Sam buy my meditatiom app Harris

a missing hashtag to this morning's waffle

if you 'chant' ... well you can only chant along with one sex,   or half the " humans" as you doze off 

A wonderfull ' happy' theosophy for the other half who can only listen  ( buy my cd at £9.99) to the half who get fat on their chantin' to the half that bore, even them..

what a bore the lot of them...never mind ruining actual 'happiness' with their toxic Womble  tragicom from the stone age

Bet the Buds love to see the babes chantin along to Budchant top of the popz

as they're grindin the flour between the stones, too.. the Buds too busy chantin  to save humanity, to do actual work or housework

of course there will be a few Tibetan babes who broke the mould...maybe...i never hear them